Saturday , December 9 2023

Tourist hot spot erects fence to deter selfie-takers

This week in travel news, an Austrian village takes an unusual approach to combating unwelcome tourist behavior, America’s best beaches, and Asian-American fusion cuisine are among the topics.

Desperate times, desperate measures

Some individuals simply cannot “Let It Go.” An Austrian town that is reputed to have roused the Disney film “Frozen” set up an impermanent wooden wall this week to prevent selfie-takers.

Hallstatt’s snow-covered mountains, chocolate-box engineering and glasslike waters are catnip to vacationers. While the number of inhabitants in this UNESCO-safeguarded spot is less than 800 individuals, it can purportedly draw in up to 10,000 guests per day.
Back in 2020, a delegate for Hallstatt’s travel industry board let CNN know that they were arranging a “emphasis on quality the travel industry later on,” and it appears to be this is only one of many allots they’re attempting. The fence was a pilot project that only lasted a short time, but like everything else in this village that gets a lot of attention, it has drawn a lot of attention from around the world.

Brace yourselves, travelers

Over Memorial Day weekend at the end of May, more than 42 million Americans are expected to travel far from home, kicking off what is likely to be a very busy summer, according to an expert at AAA Travel. This summer could be “one for the record books,” according to the expert. AAA’s recommendation is to “prepare and have those Plan Bs and Plan Cs essentially.”

Pilots at American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have authorized strikes, and the flight attendants’ union at American Airlines is also discussing a strike vote. Nonetheless, US work regulations mean those endorsers will not really be permitted to picket at any point in the near future, if by any stretch of the imagination. Our explanation of the Railway Labor Act and its implications for travelers and workers can be found here.
Anyone who travels a lot this summer should invest in a quality pair of compression socks if they want to stay comfortable on long flights. Our accomplices at CNN Highlighted, an item surveys and suggestions guide claimed by CNN, have the lowdown on why you ought to wear them and how to pick the best pair.

Celebrating Asian American heritage

In the 1980s and 1990s, Kevin Lambert always felt different from his White peers in North Carolina. Presently he’s one of numerous Asian Americans who are abandoning the US for another life in the country his folks abandoned – for his situation, South Korea. In any case, the “homecoming,” particularly for those who’ve seldom visited the nation, can frequently not match assumptions.

Cultural exchanges can, of course, occur on American and Asian soil. American history is told through Asian fusion cuisines like Vietnamese-Cajun cuisine in Louisiana and Chinese-Cuban cuisine in New York. The US has for quite some time been portrayed as a “mixture,” and it sure is scrumptious.

With perfect timing for May’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Legacy Month, Hong Kong banner transporter Cathay Pacific delivered a major heap of free passes to Hong Kong on May 17 in a travel industry supporting giveaway. However, prospective travelers needed to act quickly. They were undeniably gobbled up in more than two hours.

Sand and sea

According to the most recent annual report from coastal scientist “Dr. Beach,” also known as Stephen Leatherman, half of the top 10 beaches in the United States for 2023 are located in Florida and Hawaii. He evaluates hundreds of public beaches using 50 criteria, including beach width, sand softness, and water temperature. Look at the current year’s outcomes.

Law and order

The current week’s story of mischief comes graciousness of the YouTuber who deliberately crashed his plane for online perspectives. Sigh. He’s consented to confess to a government charge.


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