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Niewoudtville: South Africa’s spectacular flowering ‘bulb capital of the world’

Nieuwoudtville, South Africa

For the majority of the year, the huge and tough landscape of the Namaqualand area of the Karoo, South Africa, is barren and dry. Not many voyagers adventure this far, dissuaded by the significant distances and on the grounds that most really like to investigate the nation’s greener, all the more grandly sensational districts.

However, after the colder time of year downpours have fallen and drenched the dirt, brilliant daisies, scented arums, splendid caps, aloes, spices and endless different assortments of blossoms change the once dead scene into a stunning wonderland.

Nieuwoudtville, on the southeastern edge of Namaqualand, frames part of the fantastic scene that attracts bloom aficionados around the world. While blossoms sprout over time, the apex of the blossom feature starts toward the beginning of August and mid-September, when the renowned spring blossoms start to sprout, and the region is spiced up by the presentations of thousands of varieties.

This charming town, pronounced “knee-vote-ville,” was established in 1897 on land purchased by a farmer named Nieuwoudt. It is also known as the “bulb capital of the world.” It is now a part of the Namaqualand flower tour because it was one of the few parts of the Northern Cape that got regular rain.

It was included in the 2022 World Air Quality Report as one of Africa’s least polluted regions due to its outstanding air quality last year.

Craig Taljaardt, owner of Capey Tours and a tour guide, says, “Visiting Nieuwoudtville literally is a bucket list experience.” He has been observing the wonder this region inspires in visitors for nine years.

He continues, “And its people are the salt of the Earth.”

“City dwellers looking for a respite from the hustle and bustle of the urban environment have brought a boom in migration to the tranquil farming town in recent years. According to Mandie Kotzé, chairwoman of the Nieuwoudtville Info and Tourism Office, “it’s not just retirees moving to Nieuwoudtville, but young families as well.” She goes on to say that she and her husband moved to the town sixteen years ago and haven’t looked back since.

As per Nieuwoudtville’s travel industry site, run by Kotzé, there are a few regions where up to 25,000 bulbs fill in one square meter of soil. Geophytes, also known as bulbs, corms, tubers, and rhizomes—plants that store water and nutrients seasonally—have a wide range of soil types that are suitable for a variety of plant and flower species. This diversity partly explains the variety of geophytes.

The regular flower shows reach out to Hantam Public Greenhouses, the 10th authority greenhouse in South Africa. In the 1990s, when it was still a farm, the biodiversity treasure drew British naturalist David Attenborough back to photograph the area with his team during the dry season. Kotzé says that during one busy season, CCTV footage showed nearly 800 tour buses full of tourists entering the 6-300-hectare garden to see the abundance of wildflowers.

Threatened daisies

Research from the College of the Witwatersrand in 2022 uncovered that environmental change is unfavorably modifying the planning of the observed Namaqualand daisies’ blossoming season, endangering the travel industry and the actual endurance of these praised wildflowers.

The researchers wrote, “A world-renowned environmental event is the annual Namaqualand daisy flowering spectacle.” The advances in the planning of Namaqualand daisy blooming will essentially affect the travel industry area in the locale, as blossom seeing visits should be coordinated a long time ahead of time.”

Be that as it may, there are amazing open doors for enhancements: According to co-author and physical geography professor Jennifer Fitchett, intervention strategies like data-driven research have the potential to effectively address this issue. The South African National Parks (SANParks) were very interested in incorporating these findings into their monitoring programs after I presented this work to them last year, she claims.

Quiver tree forest

Locals and tourists alike recommend turning right at the sign for Gannabos, which is approximately 12 miles from Niewoudtville, and driving on a gravel road until you reach the Quiver Tree Forest, which is the largest in the southern hemisphere.

A remarkable community of tree aloe (Aloidendron dichotomum), also known as kokerbooms or quiver trees, can be found here.

These unusually shaped aloes, which can reach a height of up to 29 feet, got their name because San and Khoi-Khoi hunters used their hollow branches as quivers to hold arrows. Jade Leon, who has previously experienced wildflower season, says that they are protected plants that are quite pricey at nurseries. Yet their growth there is so organic. The quiver trees encircle every hill.

Kokerbooms come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can live up to 400 years. The forest is privately owned by a farmer and his wife in Nieuwoudtville. In exchange for a guided tour of the route, they charge a small entrance fee and tolerate visitors.

Waterfall in the wilderness

With enough winter downpours, there is one more regular miracle around: on the R357 (Loeriesfontein Road), approximately four miles north of the village, is the Nieuwoudtville Waterfall. Estimating 90 meters (295 feet), the cascade overflows down the Doring Waterway, leaving guests with a “stupendous sight,” says Ian Renecle, proprietor of African Moon Undertakings. ” People don’t think the area actually has a waterfall of that size.

To balance your day, come by Blou Huis in Voortrekker Road, a completely authorized eatery and home base contribution self-cooking convenience and live Afrikaans music. ” Nieuwoudtville has likewise been named as Town of the Year, a rivalry presently being controlled by the week after week Afrikaans magazine show kykNET Kwêla,” Johan Kotze, proprietor of Blou Huis, says gladly.

On Kerk Street, a few miles from Blou Huis, is the neo-gothic Dutch Reformed Church. One of the few remaining churches in South Africa constructed entirely of Table Mountain sandstone, the church was constructed in 1906, shortly after the devastating Boer War.

Following the fragrance to the close by market offers an opportunity to attempt its popular hotcakes. According to Kotzé, although some recipes use fewer ingredients, the creators of this tasty treat stick with a costly recipe that is sure to please palates.

Where to stay

During peak season, every room in the area is taken up, so visitors should book their lodging well in advance. There are cozy bed and breakfasts and self-catering units made from old sandstone homes, as well as rustic guest houses on local farms and campsites within the town limits.

Starwors Village, a remarkable glamping destination, will delight diehard “Star Wars” fans. Darth Vader, Yoda, and Jar Jar Binks are just a few of the series’ most famous themes and characters that can be found throughout the campsite. It’s an exceptionally underestimated campground, and it’s on our convenience list of things to get for our next trip,” says Leon.

Recently, Selma and Andre Ohlsson visited the camping area and thought that it is especially special. ” Fascinating craftsmanship is dissipated all through the landscape, and it seems like you’ve ventured into a film set.”

The highly sought-after Letsatsi Lodge in Vanrhynsdorp, the gateway to Nieuwoudtville, is one of many inviting options in the surrounding area if the town itself is fully booked. According to tour guide Craig Taljaardt, in order to reserve a room at this lodge, reservations must be made several months in advance.

Visitors strongly recommend that you take in the breathtaking views of the rugged plains below as you travel past Vanrhyns Pass, a marvel built in 1880 by the legendary road builder Thomas Bain.

Arzelle van der Merwe, who traveled through Nieuwoudtville in 2019, says, “As we ascended Vanrhyns Pass, the views blew me away, and… made me realize how amazing South Africa is and how many “hidden gems” there are.” Jade adds that the view from the top offers a flying like point of view much the same as that seen from a plane window, an intriguing open door that should be treasured.

Through the flowers

For many, the best way to get to Nieuwoudtville and its flowers is on a tour. However, you can contact the West Coast flower hotline at (+27) 79 741 0113 if you are traveling alone. This little tip will give data on the most recent blossoms and their whereabouts, permitting guests to set out on their botanical odyssey certainly.

Nieuwoudtville is not unfamiliar with nature’s whims. The town weathered a severe drought just a few years ago. Luckily, the arrival of the blustery winters has let local people free from their climate burdens. ” In point of fact, according to Taljaardt, “locals proclaimed 2021 as the best season in 30 years,” and despite the fact that the previous year was not too far behind, it was still exceptional on its own.

Nevertheless, it is preferable to conduct research, determine when the winter rains fell, and schedule a trip to coincide with the flowering season.

Guests can get out of their vehicles and investigate the fields by walking yet should try not to pick any blossoms. ” It’s important to keep it because thousands of people will come after you, according to Taljaardt. The tourism industry has a saying: Whenever you’ve been to a spot, leave no follow.'”

Van der Merwe asserts that visitors who time their visit well will be delighted to see the stunning pastel-colored carpet.

It has a surreal quality to it. It’s hard to believe that this dry earth can make something so beautiful.

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