Saturday , December 9 2023

In 2024, Europe will begin charging for entry.

News about travel this week: The European Commission will start charging for a new visa waiver program next year, as well as new Asian hotels and our picks for Croatian and Italian destinations.

Europe delays visa waiver scheme till 2024

The long-awaited ETIAS visa waiver program was supposed to start in November of this year. To enter the bloc, all non-EU passport holders will need to get permission before they go. Be that as it may, it has been pushed back to 2024.

It will be a quick online authorization for non-EU nationals from the 60 or so nations that do not require a visa to enter the EU at the moment, including the United States and the United Kingdom, and it will operate similarly to the ESTA program in the United States.

It will cover you for three years at a cost of seven euros, or $7.43 at the exchange rate of Friday afternoon. However, when compared to the ESTA, which costs $21 for two years, that is admittedly somewhat pricey.

Destination Europe

So, where are you going while things are still going well? We have a few recommendations for you right here.

Secret beaches, Roman ruins, and Venetian villages make up some of Croatia’s most captivating regions along the northern Adriatic coast. Read our guide to learn about culture, history, and delicious cuisine.

Then there is Italy’s Friuli region, which has a stunningly diverse landscape of mountains, canyons, beaches, and lagoons and is hidden away on the northeast border with Slovenia and Austria. Keep this one to yourself, OK? The locals are proud of it being one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.

Destination Asia

Asia, in particular, is eager to boost its tourism economies as travel returns to full force following the pandemic. In addition to giving away half a million airline tickets, Hong Kong’s neighbor Taiwan is planning to pay people to go on vacation there.

That kind of savings could give you a little more money to go to the most exciting new luxury hotels in the region that will open this year.

However, if infinity pools and Egyptian cotton sheets aren’t enough for you, we’ve found nine hotels in Asia-Pacific where the adventure begins before you even enter the building.

From taking a leisurely river cruise through a lush gorge to zip-lining over a waterfall and landing in the hotel bar, these are the ultimate grand entrances.

The future of transport

From a new generation of airships to a hydrogen-powered superyacht that can “fly” across the water, designers and engineers are constantly working on new transportation options for a tomorrow that is cleaner, faster, and more environmentally friendly.

But how will transportation function in 2050? We get the lowdown on hyperloops, supersonic jets, and electric aircraft from managing director Alisyn Malek, who is based in Detroit at a global mobility innovation hub.

Lastly, India recently opened the first section of a 1,386-kilometer (861-mile) expressway connecting New Delhi and Mumbai as part of ongoing infrastructure improvements. It is anticipated to reduce travel times between the two cities by half when it is completed, making it India’s longest freeway.

Misbehaving traveler of the week

On February 27, a man from Pennsylvania was detained on suspicion of attempting to bring explosives aboard a flight to Florida. According to a former police chief, the suspect was well-known to Lansford, Pennsylvania, police for a series of relatively minor offenses over the years. However, “there’s nothing that would light up and say, ‘Hey, this guy’s gonna try to bomb an aircraft,'”

World’s best beaches

Tripadvisor users claim that the Caribbean has three of the most luscious beaches in the world. However, an archipelago that is bathed in the warm waters of the South Equatorial Current has the best sands of all.

Great photo book services

The expression “Pics or it didn’t happen” might be the one that best describes our time. Additionally, there are now a wide range of excellent photo book services that can turn your digital photos into glossy hardback keepsakes, giving your travel memories even more tangible form. Some of the best have been compiled by our partners at CNN Underscored, a product reviews and recommendations guide owned by CNN.


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