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‘At times I was really pissed off to be part of that era’: Novak Djokovic speaks about competing with Nadal and Federer

Even though Novak Djokovic, the greatest tennis player of all time, claims that his rivalry with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal helped shape him into the player he is today, the Serbian was initially “pissed off” to be a part of the golden era.

The 22-time grand slam champion told CNN’s Becky Anderson in an exclusive interview on Tuesday that “they made me stronger, both mentally and physically,” and that “most of the matches that I lost to them, some big matches,” improved his game.

Djokovic said in his first interview since withdrawing from the Miami Open due to visa issues that he has “no regrets” about losing the world number one ranking. 1 spot to Carlos Alcaraz and being forced to miss Indian Wells in the United States this month as well.

Due to Djokovic’s decision not to be vaccinated against Covid-19, he cannot travel to the US.

After Djokovic was forced to miss Indian Wells, he handed the top men’s singles ranking to the 19-year-old Spaniard on Monday. The 35-year-old had held the position for more weeks than any other player. Djokovic will also miss this week’s Miami Open.

In an interview with Anderson, Djokovic stated, “No, I have no regrets.” Life has taught me that regrets only prevent you from moving forward and basically force you to live in the past. Moreover, I do not want to do that. Additionally, I don’t want to dwell on the future too much. I want to be as present as possible, but I also want to think about the future and make it better.

Therefore, I commend Alcaraz. He has every right to return to No. 1.

I regret not being able to participate in Indian Wells and Miami. I adore tournaments like that. There, I had a lot of success. However, at the same time, it was a conscious choice I made, and I was aware that I might not go. I also hope that the current state or situation will change for the US Open later this year. On American soil, that is the most significant tournament for me.

Djokovic reiterated that the grand slams are what matter most to him at this point in his career, and he will wait to see if he can travel to New York.

Djokovic stated, “I really want to be playing there, want to be there.” I actually had one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with the New York crowd in 2021, when I lost to Danil Medvedev in the finals. Additionally, I was fortunate to win that tournament three times and compete in numerous finals. Even though I lost that match, I received a lot of love and appreciation from the crowd, so I want to go back and meet them again. Therefore, that is something I anticipate and hope will occur.

Djokovic is now concentrating on the upcoming clay court season in Europe. Djokovic has won the French Open twice out of his 22 grand slam singles titles, tying him with Rafael Nadal for the most men’s tennis titles.

At the Dubai Future District Fund’s First Annual General Meeting, Djokovic was the keynote speaker. He talked about his foundation and business interests. He belongs to a generation of athletes who turned their endorsements and career earnings into business empires.

According to his explanation to CNN, “I think some experiences are transferrable, not all of them, but I think character is,” and “I guess when you are successful in your core business… you want to continue in striving to be successful in other areas and it’s a kind of logical or a natural transition to a next phase of your life.” “I think some experiences are transferrable, not all of them, but I think character is,”

He stated that he has a diverse portfolio of interests, which include clean energy, education, biotech, and sustainability.

“I’ve been trying to be sensitive and conscious about the fact that I have to start preparing for my future as soon as possible and surround myself with smart people who have the experience of being in that journey, in that area, in that sector that I’m interested in for quite some time because I’m new,” she says. “I have to start preparing for my future as early as possible.”

Djokovic is tied for first place in the rankings of men’s grand slam singles titles, but he is behind Margaret Court and Serena Williams on the all-time list. He was awestruck by Williams’ accomplishments and will strive to change that this year.

She never ceases to inspire me and all tennis players worldwide. Additionally, she has long been regarded as an icon of our sport,” he stated.

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