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After winning the French Open, Ukrainian tennis star Elina Svitolina referred to the Russian opponent as “brave.”

Following the Ukrainian’s upset victory on Sunday, tennis player Elina Svitolina referred to her opponent, Russian Daria Kasatkina, as a “brave one.”

Svitolina told reporters that she “acknowledged” Kasatkina after the match, despite her previous statement that she would not shake hands with Russian and Belarusian opponents out of respect for the men and women defending Ukraine.

According to the New York Times, Kasatkina has been vocal in her criticism of the war, describing it as a “nightmare” last year.

Last month, Kasatkina, Russia’s highest level female tennis player, likewise communicated her compassion toward Ukrainian tennis players who won’t shake her hand after matches.
Extremely grateful for her choice of position. Svitolina said, “She’s a really brave person to say it publicly, that not so many players did,” after reaching the French Open quarterfinals.

“She is a strong woman.”

Rather than a hand shake, Kasatkina offered her rival a go-ahead at the net in the wake of losing the match 6-4 7-6 (7-5). She later stated that she was disappointed to hear some of the crowd boo.

“With a very bitter feeling, I left Paris. This days, after each match I’ve played in Paris I generally appreciate and said thanks to swarm for help and being there for the players,” Kasatkina tweeted Monday.

However, I was booed yesterday for not shaking hands to show respect for my opponent’s position.

“After a difficult match, me and Elina showed respect to one another, but leaving the court in that manner was the worst part of yesterday. Be better and love one another. Try not to spread disdain. Try to improve the world.

Kasatkina, who last year reported she was gay and condemned Russia’s perspectives towards homosexuality, has kept up with her position against the conflict in Ukraine.

The 26-year-old said last month, “The saddest part is the war that is still going on.” Naturally, Ukrainian players have numerous reasons not to shake our hands. I acknowledge it and it is the way things are. I can empathize with the sad circumstance.
Playing in her most memorable major since the 2022 Australian Open and first since becoming a mother, Svitolina said she was simply centered around recuperation and getting ready for her next match.

“Obviously I couldn’t want anything more than to win here,” Svitolina said. ” It will be the dream, but it has always been a gradual progression in my career.

“I think this is the only right thing to do, not to focus too much on the future, because if you do, you’ll lose focus on the small things that help you win matches,” says the author.

Sabalenka next

Svitolina will play Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka in the following round on Tuesday.

World No. 2 After stating that she didn’t feel safe at a previous press conference where she was questioned about her country’s involvement in the war, Sabalenka stopped participating in the tournament’s customary post-match press conferences.

In March, Sabalenka stated that she had difficulty comprehending the “hate” she encountered in the locker room as a result of the strained relationships that existed between some of the players following the invasion of Ukraine. Belarus is serving as a crucial staging ground for Russia.

“About the conflict circumstance, I said it many, ordinarily, no one in this world – Russian competitors, Belarusian competitors – upholds the conflict. Nobody. How can we contribute to the war? Ordinary individuals won’t ever uphold it,” she said.

At the moment, Russian and Belarusian athletes continue to participate in tour competitions as neutral athletes without their flag or country displayed.


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