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According to the director, steamy scenes in a Malay drama are only used for publicity.

PETALING JAKARTA: The Malay language drama Perempuan Itu has yet to air, but its lead actor, Zul Ariffin, shared a clip of a sexy scene with actress Siti Hariesa from the show on his Instagram page. This has made the show a hot topic on social media, even though it hasn’t been shown yet.

Since then, the video has been removed from the social media page.

In response to the controversy, director Ain Sharif explained that the leaked scene was a portion of the second recording that might not air on television.

“Yes! The scene that Zul shared was a director’s cut that may not be shown on television. I directed the scene.

When contacted by mStar, she stated, “What netizens viewed is a second version recording if found to be suitable, and was meant for publicity purposes.”

I was unaware that Zul would post a picture of the scene to Instagram. I was shocked to realize that individuals were discussing this, however things have proactively occurred. I have to take responsibility as director.

In fact, less than 10% of this drama’s scenes are intimate. The scene was delivered to depict Sera’s personality, played by Siti Hariesa, as the second spouse of Emir (Zul Ariffin).”
After posting the scene on Zul’s Instagram, which was deemed inappropriate for a Malaysian audience, on the social media platform, on Thursday evening (March 17), he received a flurry of responses.

Preachers, including Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Senator Datuk Idris Ahmad, who also criticized the video, also noticed it.

Ain asserted that in her capacity as director, she was only fulfilling her duty to the audience to convey the drama’s message and plot because the drama was focusing on events that took place all around us.

“Indeed, even prior to shooting, we examined with the entertainers and they were alright to act in such scenes. We recorded the second version to make the drama more interesting, but whether or not the television station uses it is entirely up to them.

“I am aware that there are some scenes that are quite sensitive for the audience; however, they must first watch the series and comprehend the plot before understanding what we are attempting to convey. Truth be told, there are numerous positive messages in this show,” she said.

In addition to the fact that Zul Ariffin’s name was moving on Twitter, yet the name of maker Erma Fatima was likewise referenced on the grounds that she was believed to be the overseer of the show.

“This drama’s scene has nothing to do with Mama, which is another name for Erma. She wrote the script, and I imagine the characters in accordance with it. Even during filming, Kak Erma repeatedly warned me not to do daring scenes because they wouldn’t air on television.

“She knew there would be a scene with them together, but she didn’t think I would take it that way. Because the scene was my instruction, it is not appropriate for people to criticize Kak Erma online,” she stated.

Aside from Ain, the 30-episode show is likewise coordinated by the renowned chief, Isma Yusof.

This Ramadan, TV3 will air Perempuan Itu, which stars Siti Hariesa, Mimi Lana, and Zul Ariffin.

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